CNC Turning

CNC Turning with 4th Axis Milling & CNC Swiss style turning with sizes up to diameter 24” x 36” long, up to 1 ¾” Barfeed or chucking work. Live tooling and sub-spindles allow us to complete parts in one operation further enhancing part quality and reducing cost

CNC Milling

CNC Milling with 4th Axis, in both Vertical & Horizontal Configurations, Including Palletech – Flexible 12 Pallet Pool Manufacturing System & High Speed Drill Tap Centers for high volume production, with sizes up to 40″ x 30″ x 30″

Large CNC Turning & Milling

Large CNC VTL (Vertical Turning Lathes) with sizes up to 50” Diameter x 36″ Long, with maximum weights up to 6,660lbs

Horizontal CNC Machining Center with sizes up to 55” x 47” x 52” with maximum weights up to 4,850lbs

Grinding, Lapping & Honing

CNC External Precision Grinding up to 9″ Diameter x 24″ Long we can achieve tolerance of ±0.0001”. Surface Grinding and lapping up to 36” x 18” x 12” with to down 0.00002” 20 millionths flatness and extremely fine surface finishes

Assembly & Testing

Sub-Assembly and Tested using both manual and automated equipment, ensuring customer specifications are meets and fully tested assemblies are delivered ready for use. Value added assembly and test is cost effective, efficient and saves customers internal resources

Value Added Services

We offer Value Added Secondary Processes including but not limited to Deburring, Heat Treatment, Electro-Plating, Painting & Other Surface Treatments, Dynamic Balancing, Broaching & Hobbing, NDT Testing, Brazing & Welding, and Inspection Services

Contract Manufacturing

We offer full service private label manufacturing, we can develop and manufacture your entire product from prototype development, product testing, manufacturing and distribution, Outsourcing your products, allows the OEM the confidence of a known fixed cost

Managed Inventory Solutions

We offer Managed Inventory Solutions (Kanban) which allow customers the flexibility of having finished parts manufactured to forecast, stocked and drop shipped as required. We are able to integrate with all forecast and material planning systems

Precision Part and Assembly Manufacturing

At Superior Technology, Inc. we pride ourselves on the broad scope of our precision machining and assembly expertise, specializing in CNC Turning, CNC Swiss machining, CNC Milling, Large Parts CNC Turning and Milling, Grinding, Lapping & Honing, Electro-Mechanical Assembly & Testing, Value Added Secondary Services, Contract Manufacturing and Managed Inventory Solutions.

We have vast experience in the precision machining close tolerance parts in a wide range of materials, including carbon & stainless steels, aluminum alloys, super alloys (such as Titanium and Inconel, Hastalloy), brass & copper alloys, plastics, castings, forgings, and all materials in between.

The combination of modern high precision CNC machines, highly skilled staff, innovative manufacturing and tooling solutions, along with a precision engineered approach that is applied to each and every project, using CAD/CAM and project management tools, such as SolidWorks, MasterCam, Fusion 360, we can accept information in any file format.

Our philosophy of continuous improvement in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing environment, all ensure even the most complex parts will exceed your quality, cost and delivery requirements. Which make Superior Technology, Inc. an industry leading suppliers of precision machined parts and assemblies.

Part sizes size and tolerances:

  • CNC Turned – Diameters up to 50” x 36″ Long.

Maximum work piece weights up to 6,660lbs

Tolerance as close as +/- .0001 (50 millionths roundness)

  • CNC Swiss Turned – – Diameters up to 1″ x 24″ Long

Tolerance as close as +/- .0001 (50 millionths roundness)

  • CNC Vertical Milling up to 59″ x 26″ x 24″

Tolerance as close as +/- .0005

  • CNC Horizontal Milling up to 48″ x 48″ x 48″

Maximum work piece weights up to 6,660lbs

Tolerance as close as +/- .0005

  • CNC External Grinding – Diameters. 9″ Round x 24″ Long

Ground External Diameters +/-.0001 (50 millionths roundness)

  • Surface Grinding& Lapping up to 36” x 18”

Tolerance as close as +/- .0001(50 millionths flatness)

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