Private Label Manufacturing

Superior Technology, Inc. is a reliable partner who offers full service private label manufacturing, we can help you develop and manufacture you entire product, from prototype and packaging development,  thru to product testing, manufacturing, and distribution. Finished products can be shipped to your facility or drop shipped directly to your customer.

Outsourcing your products allows the OEM confidence of a total known total fixed cost without capital investments, variable costs, skilled labor availability, and uncertainties of running their own manufacturing and distribution facilities. With our experience we can manage the entire process, with options of dedicated manufacturing cells and segregated work areas to improve efficiency and ensure confidentiality, protecting your intellectual property.

We are able to work with all forecast and material planning systems, to ensure reliable product supply. Additionally we have the major advantage of being able to add and subtract machines and resources as demand increases or reduces.

Our ISO 9001:2015 system ensures quality and our extensive manufacturing expertise ensure completive total product cost and ensure your consistent profit margins.

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