Superior Technology, Inc. Quality Policy

 “Since our founding, we secure the future of our company by exceeding customer’s expectations. Through continuous process improvement, a proactive approach to quality, and leading edge technology, we are committed to improve the internal systems, which promote customer satisfaction”


Total Quality Management System

At Superior Technology this is the credo that we live by. Our entire 70+ staff work hard daily with the goal to deliver quality parts that exceed our customers expectations. We know and strongly believe that by building good relationships, with open communication with customers throughout the entire process, from sales thru part delivery cycle, will ensure total quality requirements are exceeded


Our certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and the dedication to ensuring our quality system is adhered to and constantly improved upon, this ensures part quality will surpass our customer’s expectations.


We fully believe that quality is designed into the process and by ensuring that our Quality Processes, Documentation, Fixturing, Tooling and Gage are designed and implements in such a way to minimize product error, we follow industry wide systems such as APQP, PPAP.

To further ensure part quality in the manufacturing process parts are inspected often throughout the process and certified before they are shipped


Our highly skilled staff insect parts and assemblies using modern metrology equipment ranging from High Accuracy CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), Video & Optical Gaging, Precision Measuring & Gaging Instruments. All equipment is calibrated regularly and tracked back to traceable to NIST & ISO national and International Standards


We proactively plan quality into the manufacturing processes to ensure they are capable, repeatable, and we continually strive for process improvement and customer satisfaction, giving our customers complete confidence in the products we manufacture and deliver.

Knowing there is a distinct advantage for all involved, being able to deliver certified product that bypasses customer receiving inspection and exceeds quality expectations

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