Grinding, Lapping & Honing

Superior Technology, Inc’s ultra-precision CNC cylindrical grinders, Surface Grinding, Lapping, and Honing machines, allow us to work on wide range of finishing applications which achieve extremely accurate tolerances and fine surface finishes to 4Ra

CNC Cylindrical grinders up to 9” diameter x 24: long, we can achieve tolerance of ±0.0001”. Lapping machines with a capacity up to 15″ in diameter gives us the ability to achieve flatness to 0.00002” (20 millionths). with outstanding surface finishes

Lapping and grinding are used for manufacturing extremely round and flat parts including machining of very hard materials used wear parts, such as machine parts, pump and valve components, auto parts, automation & robotics components, shafts and rotors for Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Products, Optics and Precision Instruments, Medical Equipment, Military, Power Tool, Robotics and Automation Industries

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