CNC Turning

Superior Technology, Inc. has a wide range of turning capabilities to meet our customer’s prototype and production turning needs. We excel in extremely close tolerances, fine surface finishes (down to 4 micro inches), difficult to machine materials, hard turning, very small parts, with common diameter tolerances of ±0.0002”, 0.0001” straightness & 0.0005” circular runout, and many lathes are controlled to 0.00001” (ten millionths).

CNC Turning with 4th Axis Live Tool Milling & CNC Swiss style turning with sizes up to Diameter 24” x 36” long, including Swiss Turning to 0.750″, 1 ¾” Barfeeders, and larger chucking work. Machines with live tooling and sub-spindles allow us to complete parts in one operation further enhancing part quality and reducing cost.

Processes commonly use include CBN Hard Turning, Roller Burnishing for extremely fine surface finishes, these processes allow us to produce a wide variety of parts including precision shafts & rings, machine parts, fuels system components, test fixtures, tooling components, pump & valve components for Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Products, Medical Equipment, Military, Optics and Precision Instruments, Power Tool, Robotics and Automation, Rail, and Transportation Industries.

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